Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bangladeshi female singer Konal

Channel I Sera Kontho award winning Bangladeshi female singer Konal. She is very happy for this opportunity. She will release its audio album soon. She sings with Bangladeshi famous singer. This album has mix sad song and romantic.
She is also an actress. Bangladeshi actress is acting Laltip Konal film. Konal say I'm not an actress but I'm trying acting. She is also host of the I channel one ceremony. Konal also being studied. She sings a song for the film.
Marriage Konal will be later. Her first teacher song was Keka Mukhargee. Now Konal learns from Sonjeeb Dey song.
She sings to Mayer film jonno Pagol. When Konal win award for best singer that Konal time was very happy. She can not believe herself. She learns song for her family desire.

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