Saturday, December 14, 2013

Multi Talented Performer Shamima Islam Tusti

Shamima Islam Tusti is an Bangladeshi actor, dancer, model and also a teacher. She started theater with Peoples Little Theater when she was only five years old. She was there for about twelve years. Then she joined mother organization of Peoples Little Theater, Loko Nattyadol. She still loves theater and works for it amid busy schedule for TV dramas.
Her first television commercial was for Lux soap, and then she worked for Ispahani tea. But Tusti believes commercial for Horlicks was the turning point in her career. She has already worked for more than forty commercials. Her first television drama was ‘Bhober Hat’, which was directed by Salahuddin Lavlu. That was only the beginning, now she is a very popular actress and busy with shooting for many dramas.
She is a dancer also. She has visited many countries with her dance team. She learned dancing from Shishu Academy (Academy for Children) from her childhood. Now she is a dance teacher of BAF Shaheen College.
Tushi has also acted in some films including Lal Shobuz, Nondito Noroke and Shwapnodanai. She says, she likes acting and wants to become a good actress. Her father and mother always inspire her and they are Tusti’s best inspiration.

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