Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arun Chawdhury's Sex Scandal

Bangladeshi drama director Arun Chawdhury caught in a scandal. Now available on internet Arun's scandal. He also an editor Fortnightly magazine ANONDODHARA. After this scandal dismis him from this magazine. Arun Chawdhury's wife also a femous drama director in bangladesh. Arun's wife name is Chaynika Chawdhury. In the video of Arun's scandal, he kisses & suck a lady. This video heart every body. Because one of the editor do this work, it's unbelievable. Otherwise this man speech always in many forum against woman heresmant. At last prove this man they are real culprit.

there are post a video. where you find Real Arun Chawdhury.....  

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