Friday, August 22, 2014

Playwrights Himu Akram's Interview

Himu Akram is one of the most prominent playwrights in the country of present time. We took his interview recently. Here is the interview: 
Q: Tell me about yourself
Himu: While I like to say about myself, I would like to refer me as a drama lover. I stay awake for the drama. Move from here to there. My dream characters always detour in me, around myself. Here is their long journey with me. I discover me inside of the intense from time to time. There is no existence of nearer one in that intense. Don’t have friend or relative. 
Q: Where did you grow up?
Himu: I have grown up in Noakhali. I have passed my whole childhood and boyhood in the tiny but my dearest town Maijdicot. My childhood covers kiting on the roof of government residential area, playing football in the field, swimming in the wide water body. It is the story of Avirampur, story of my village. I had to pass my whole daytime searching for bird nest. 
Q: When and what made you get into direction?
Himu: Bashonti Ronga Saree was the lighthouse for me as a director. It was the first drama composed by me. Staff producer of ATN Bangladesh produced it. Then, producer Belal Ahmed produced Upokul Express. It is my most favourite story. Once several producers produced the drama composed by me, I started dreaming of to be a director. I started dreaming to taking shots of the characters of the story by camera. Name of the said dream is to be a drama director. 
Q: Did you get any institutional training in this field?
Himu: Before direction of the drama, I completed two superb courses from ‘Film Archive’ and ‘National Mass Media Institute.’ Then I introduced myself as assistant director to producer Ferdous Hasan. After working for only 11 months as assistant director, I gathered experience of more than 200 dramas comprising single and serial based dramas. At last, I ran to the sea. I produced a drama of dream named Sagor Dakichhey Taar-e. It is my first dream, first love and first production. 
Q: What do you think the present state of drama making in our media industry?
Himu: The present condition of the drama production is now better obviously. The producers are investing more because of its better condition. The directors are making the drama. We have lot of directors, new and old, for whom the spectators keep waiting to see their drama. Our dramas are so classical that spectators see the dramas devotedly even after pain of the advertisement. 
Q: Tell about your current and next project
Himu: My mega serial Nojir Bihin Nojor Ali is being broadcasted on RTV now. It is being telecast four days of the week. Moreover, I am going to start two other mega serial titled Mushkil Asan Company and Habilder Talkies from my production firm Juboraj Films.

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