Thursday, July 14, 2011

Apu’s Half Century In Film

Apu acted in 50 film within seven year in her carrier . Released June 9, 2011, `tur karone beche achi’, he has the full-fill the milestone of half century. Apu gives of all achievement his most faithful viewer. She said, 'If they do not support, so I hope if my audience don’t support me it was possible. I am grateful to my fans. With out even if they sencurita very soon. "
Apu start his film journey through the 'Kal Sokale', which directed by Amzad Hossain. After release 'Kal Sokale' now is 2011. Cut in 7 years. In this years Apu has reached the milestone of half century.
Apu’s starting was not smooth. 'Kal sokale' and Subhash Dutta’s `O Amar Chele’ was not the main character Apu. This is not enough opportunity for Apu which is a actress make popular. However, in the 2006 Dijol make a film `Koti Takar Kabin’ custing by Apu & Sakib. And this film was superhit. This film establist Apu & Sakib As a pair of film industry. After this success Apu is in agreement with a new one. Together with a pair of film have been released after 48 sakibe & Apu. In this time Apu Act against Only Sakib 41 film. The remaining 7 film Apu act in two film with actor Manna ‘Pita Matar Amanat’ & ‘Baba Mayer Santan’, with Riaz & Ferdous ‘Suvo Bibaho’, with Riaz ‘Bajao Bier ajna’, with emon ‘Ek Buk Valobasa’, with Amin ‘Prithibi Takar Gulam’, & with Maruf ‘Baroluker Meye Goriber Chele’. 

Apu don’t find his dream character in film now in day. However, all of the Chasi Nazrul Islam’s  'Devdas' was a lot of hope. Parvati is pleased to be smart do Apu’s performance.However, it can be played much more like Apu memorable. He said, I'm not disappointed. The remaining fifty century. I do my best role, by acting to get in carrier.


                                          Best Five Fil in his Carrier (Apu’s View)

Koti Takar Kabin (sakiba Khan)
                                          2. Valobaslei Ghor Bada Jai Na (sakiba Khan)            
                                          3. Nishas Amar Tumi (sakiba Khan)
                                          4. Preme Poresi (sakiba Khan)
                                          5. Koti Takar Prem (sakiba Khan)

                                                            Apu’s Hero In Film

                                                Sakiba Khan                41 Film
                                                Mana                           02 Film
                                                Riaz                              02 Film
                                                Ferdous                        01 Film
                                                Amin Khan                   01 Film
                                                Emon                           01 Film
                                                Kazi Maruf                   01 Film

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