Sunday, July 10, 2011

Story Of Film Actrress Apu Biswash

Apu Biswash a most popular actress in Bangladesh film industry. Apu Biswash, a name known to the total film fertility, she came, she worked and she won. She won the hearts of million of her fans all around the country and abroad. You won't have to go that back folks, it was the year 2005 that gave her the most of whatever she wanted to start her journey and running for the Crown in the film industry. She came in the bangla cinema with the movie of Amzad Hossain 'Kal Shakal'. However, this coming was not successful. In this film she act as a friend of main role. Act in the main role another popular actress Shabnur that moment. Before act in kal sokale one day she met with the talented actor/director Shuvash Datta in a party. He offered Apu Biswash to act in his film ‘O amar chele’. But Before could finish that movie she got an offer to act in Amzad Hossain’s film ‘Kal shokale’. Same as kal sokale did not have a big part in ‘O amar chele’. That is why; she could not catch the attention of many viewers. So she had to go back to her home district Borguna. But she did not loose heart and she was talented and has got all it takes to become an actress, later after she met F.I. Manik, the director of her first ever commercial movie named, 'Koti Takar Kabeen', and was the main man behind today's Opu Biswash and of course how she could forget the Producer Mr. Deepjol, who introduced her to the film fertility. After that she worked in place of Dipjol in 2006 in ‘Chachu’, Pitar ashon’, Dadima’, ‘Koti takar kabin’. The rest of the story is known to all.

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