Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bipasha Hayat One Of The Main Actress

Bipasha Hayat (born March 3, 1971) is a TV, stage and film actress, considered one of the main. The daughter of famous TV actors, Abul Hayat. His younger sister, a TV actress natasa Hayat. She is wife of the popular drama, actor and film director taukira Ahmed. She has one son and one daughter.Decade, many of the most popular theatrical has established him as one of main actors. He was equally successful in opera, but to leave the marriage after the opera performance.Bipasha Hayat carukalaya graduated from the university, he passed. He painted his picture, he does not appear to agree. In the month of May, 009 of his paintings, he held a photo display will also assist women affected by the acid.He has starred in two movies about liberation - jayayatra  and Aguner parasamani.
His first film directed by Humayun Ahmed Aguner parasamani. The film was played by the young freedom fighter stuck in Dhaka city. Character name of the night, the guerrilla fighters who alamake (Asaduzzaman Noor played) liking. Community support for the war came home in time ratridera. I love the name of a guerrilla war with guerrilla fighters in Night fighters to reflect the general human affection and support. Different types of character in his film, directed by Taukir. The Pakistani soldiers in a raid to live peopole played by women, who lost her child. Viewers and critics have praised his performance in the two calaccitrei. Bipasha Hayat aguner parasamani for Best Actress as well as the national film awards for his film.Actress, as we know him. The list is written, amkaamki - we have no objection to mete his looks. The actress has managed more pleased.