Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Way Of Farah Ruma

Popular actress Farah Ruma is ramp and tvc model, television and film actress, dancer, presenter and many things. She has launched a production house named FR Productions recently.
Farah Ruma won Lux-Anandadhara MS. Photogenic award in 1997, which was the beginning of her career in showbiz world. She was dancer and performed in many programs. Later she started working as ramp model with Bibi Rasel. In 2002 she was approached by prominent actor and director Afzal Hossain for his drama ‘Shako’. Later in 2004 Farah Ruma acted in the drama Shuvodrishti directed by Ferdous Hassan; this drama was based on story by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was the turning point of Farah’s career
She was the best student among her siblings; her parents always wanted that their daughter will become doctor, engineer or something like that. She grew up in a cultural environment; she learned dancing and playing guitar in her childhood. But she and her family never thought that Farah Ruma will build her career in showbiz. It was an accident in fact. Now her family inspires her. 
Farah Ruma was getting many offers to act in film. But those offers were not like that she wanted. At the end she got an offer from prominent director Nargis Akter for the film ‘Putro Ekhon Paisawala’. It is a commercial film, but Farah Ruma has a dream to act in art film which represents life.
She worked for many commercials in the early days of her career. Among those, Lux, Cosmos Biscuit, Purbachal City were very popular.
Some of the television dramas Farah Ruma played; Shuvodrishti, Ladia, Sindhuk, Freme Badhano Prem, Shampurno Rangin, Shawla, Gourochandrika, Eishob Andhakar, Ekta Kinle Ekta Free, Lal Golap, Shada Mon, etc.
She was debuted as presenter by a television music show ‘Amaro Guyte Echche Holo’. She also worked as adjudicator of Lux Photogenic competition.

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