Saturday, January 9, 2016

Actress Diti returned home

Celebrated Bangladeshi actress Parvin Sultana Diti has been returned home.
Her son Shafaet and daughter Lamia along with their allying mother came around 4.30pm on Friday in Dhaka from Chennai.
She has been admitted to United Hospital in the capital.
The actress underwent treatment at Chennai MIOT Hospital of India, but her condition did not improve.
In a Facebook status, daughter Lamia Chowdhury wrote "She`s dying. Stop asking me about her. Stop giving me bullshit condolences that she will recover soon”.
Lamia said, "There`s nothing else doctors can do for her. Now she has developed secondary Parkinsons disease from radiation side effects. Her cancer is not going to kill her."
"Her tumor is not back. The radiation is what did this to her. I cannot answer to your questions anymore. I will not pray for her recovery anymore and if you are praying then please pray for a quick and easy departure for her," she said.
At some point we need to understand life is a boon for the healthy and a curse on those suffering. Allah give my mother the gift of death, Lamia Chowdhury.

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