Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Photographer Afzal H ChoUdhury

It seems his love for cameras is hardwired into his being as he first purchased a camera when he was only in class 7. And let's not forget that cameras were considered an extreme luxury at the time. Ever since then, he has contributed over 60 years of his life into the industry by making a place for himself behind the camera. When no one in the industry knew how to operate a proper camera and the basics of lighting, Mr. Choudhury was the one who learned the techniques from India and by watching Hollywood productions. He trained generations of cinematographers in the local industry and treats the current generation as his own bloodline.
Now in retirement life, he spends his days watching classic movies and being with his family. The honour of bestowing this token to this larger than life persona, without whom the industry would not reach such levels of popularity, humbles those in the industry and Mr. Choudhury hopes that others also receive some recognition for their work and years of dedication behind the camera.

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