Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bapparaj to play a villain's role

Bapparaj set foot in Dhallywood back in 1986 through his father Nayokraj Razzak. After his debut film “Chapadangar Bou”, he has appeared in over 100 films alongside almost all the greats in the modern Bangladeshi film scene. He last appeared in his own directorial venture “Kartuz” and now he has donned a look much different from what the audiences are generally familiar with.
With upturned sleeves, a colourful scarf, dark sunglasses and sporting a stylish goatee, the new Bapparaj will appear as a villain in his upcoming film “Missed Call”. Speaking about the upcoming movie, he said “I find it difficult to be inspired to work nowadays. This story, however, seemed amazing and the variation in the portrayal of my character made me take up this work.”
“Missed Call” is being directed by Shafiuddin Shafi and much work for the film has been completed, where Bapparaj will appear alongside Bappi and debutante Mugdhota.

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