Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ghontighor To Be Released as TV Movie

Director Parvez Amin turns his hand to TV movies and helms a television movie adaptation of “Ghontighor”, a story about the people working in the railways and their perspectives on life scripted by Ahsan Kabir Liton. The 45 minute production, shot at various locations in Natore and Ishwardi, stars Ashish Khandakar, Runa Khan, Shoma, Rashed Shaon and many others.
The story focuses on the story of Mominul, a railway gateman, who has been working his post for the last 40 years. The widower lost half his family to the other side, during the Partition of 1947 and his only son, 10 year old Rony, has been falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. Being a constant victim of torture by the local thug “Boro Rony”, he struggles to make ends meet as it is, only to be driven down into the ground by losing his job due to employee downsizing. Despair and frustration leads him to killing “Boro Rony” and begins a life for Mominul he had never imagined before.

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